Resilience and Ambition: Ciaran Finn’s Inspiring Journey to Building a Million-Pound Business at 25


In a remarkable turn of events, Ciaran Finn, a 25-year-old hailing from Manchester, has turned his student side hustle into a thriving million-pound business. This venture, originally intended to fund his medical school dreams, has now become his full-time career.

Ciaran’s journey began during his time at the University of Liverpool, where he was studying languages. Like many students, he found himself accumulating a significant amount of debt. In his final year at university in September 2020, he decided to pursue a career in medicine.

However, the path to medical school was paved with financial challenges. To pay off his existing debt and finance his medical degree, Ciaran embarked on a side hustle in early 2021. He invested a substantial amount, a couple of thousand pounds, in a business course, taking a leap of faith without knowing if his business idea would succeed.

Digital marketing presented a unique opportunity for Ciaran with low startup costs, primarily requiring a laptop, internet connection, marketing skills, and necessary tools. However, balancing the demands of starting a business with his university studies was a significant challenge. Many of his peers chose to drop out of university to focus on similar ventures, but Ciaran was determined to graduate, and did so with a First-Class degree.

This dedication led to a grueling daily routine, with Ciaran waking up at 4 a.m. to dedicate five hours to his business before attending lectures and tutorials. The pressure was immense, and the lifestyle wasn’t healthy, but Ciaran viewed it as an essential part of his journey.

“Back then, I knew very little apart from how to work hard and grind. I had a goal and knew what I wanted, so I basically just powered through brick walls with pure forward pressure, as opposed to much else,” Ciaran shared.

Upon graduation, Ciaran faced a crucial decision. He could either pursue his dream of becoming a doctor or focus on his growing marketing startup. At the age of 23, he decided to devote himself entirely to his business, Blue Finn Media. Over time, this small startup evolved into an award-winning seven-figure enterprise with a fully remote, highly skilled team.

Ciaran attributes his rapid growth and success to his insatiable hunger for learning and his willingness to invest in himself. “I have always been super hungry to learn, and never been scared to invest in myself,” he emphasized.

Today, Ciaran operates his business from Dubai, a testament to the time and location freedom he sought. He also enjoys traveling and putting his language skills to good use, and recently completed an Ironman triathlon in northern Colombia.

One significant upside of his success is his ability to clear his student debts, which amounted to approximately £65,000. In the early days of running his business while still in university, his business was earning around £10,000 per month. However, every penny was reinvested back into the business’s growth. Ciaran made significant financial sacrifices, even using the remainder of his student loan to further invest in his business without knowing if he’d be able to pay his rent. This gamble paid off as Blue Finn Media continued to flourish.

Ciaran’s journey offers inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. He emphasizes the importance of investing in oneself and seeking mentorship to accelerate growth.

“For me, one of the biggest obstacles was mindset. I remember the goals I set initially were so low. I’d look at other people and think they had something that I didn’t. After growing the business further than I imagined, I’ve realized it really isn’t as difficult as it seems. I genuinely believe anyone can do it, as long as they put their mind to it and work hard,” Ciaran shared in an interview.

As he continues to thrive, Ciaran is also on a mission to share his expertise with others through coaching and speaking engagements.

Ciaran’s story serves as a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and smart investments. It underscores the idea that anyone, with the right mindset and commitment, can transform their challenges into remarkable achievements.


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