Young Journalist Creates His Own News Channel: The Rise of Priyanshu Jha


Jharkhand, [India], March 26, 2024: Priyanshu Kumar Jha, a 24-year-old journalist with a burning desire for storytelling, has carved out his own path in the media industry. Today, he stands tall as the Editor-in-Chief of his own news channel, The Mediawala Express, demonstrating his determination and unbreakable commitment.

Jha’s journey began with a deep love for performing in front of the camera. He spent his early years in Ranchi enchanted by the magic of movies, often observing the filmmaking process during local shootings. However, the dream of working behind the camera soon faced the harsh reality of its instability, especially for someone from a middle-class background.

Jha experienced one defining moment. Although he had an appreciation for filmmaking for years, a personal experience—a close relationship marked by inconsistency—left him uneasy about pursuing a career behind the camera. This, combined with a growing awareness of the challenges faced by those working on-screen, nudged him towards a different path. He made a pivotal decision and moved to Delhi, enrolling in a Journalism and Mass Communication program. Here, he discovered the captivating world of journalism and began following prominent news personalities. This shift aligned with his desire for stability and ignited a new passion for storytelling.

“A journalist’s job is to showcase the struggles of others,” says Jha, “but often, their own struggles remain unseen.” This realisation, combined with his father’s encouragement, who admired journalists like Sudhir Chaudhary and Ajay Jha, solidified his desire to pursue journalism. Jha even had the opportunity to collaborate with Ajay Jha, gaining valuable experience on various news channels.

Jha, driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, refused to let his studies hold him back. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he took on a bold venture. Jha went to the field, armed just with a Rs. 300 microphone, to capture the essence of the Uttar Pradesh elections. His videos connected with viewers, strengthening his internet profile and building his credibility.

However, success wasn’t without its setbacks. Jha faced another challenging period, forcing him to step away from his solo venture temporarily. Unfazed, he took a job at a news channel to support himself. Yet, the entrepreneurial fire continued to burn. After some soul-searching, he decided to resign and refocus his efforts on growing The Mediawala Express.

Today, The Mediawala Express stands strong under Jha’s guidance. His passion extends beyond delivering quality news. He aspires to inspire budding journalists and filmmakers by sharing his experiences and offering a realistic perspective on the industry. He aims to guide them through hurdles and help them craft their own successful media careers, which he accomplished through firm persistence.

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