Meet the Founders: The Visionaries Behind Straight Salon

Meet the Founders The Visionaries Behind Straight Salon

Ever wondered about the brains behind Straight Salon’s beauty brawn? Well, it’s time to meet the dynamic duo: Leo and Vinod Lunked. These two aren’t just business partners; they’re the visionaries who turned a dream into a reality.

Let’s start with Leo. He engineered the concept of Straight Salon. With international exposure that spans from London to USA. His global insights have been instrumental in shaping Straight Salon into a brand that offers world-class services without breaking the bank.

Then there’s Vinod, a man who knows a thing or two about business. He’s the son of Bhawar Lunked, the founder of Bhawar Corporation, a company with decades of experience in the retail sector. Growing up in a business family, Vinod brings a unique blend of traditional values and modern innovation to the table.

Together, they’ve created a customer centric brand focused on making the salon going experience more enjoyable & transparent. A place where everyone, regardless of their beauty needs, feels welcome. It’s this vision, combined with a relentless focus on quality and transparency, that has earned us a stellar 4.7-star average rating across all outlets on Google.

This journey of entrepreneurship would be incomplete without our customers and a big shoutout to the amazing team of Straight Salon. Stay tuned, because this dynamic duo has plenty more up their sleeves.

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