From Budget Beginnings to Broadcast Brilliance: V-AR Filmers Spins Stories that Captivate


Born in Delhi, founder Arjun Singh, along with his friends, started the V-AR Filmers with just 6,000 rupees in his pocket and a passion for storytelling. This venture has blossomed into a seven-year-old powerhouse, weaving magic through high-quality videos and captivating live sports broadcasts.

Fuelled by a vision to evolve video production with contemporary narratives, V-AR Filmers boasts a diverse portfolio and a prestigious clientele that includes Su-kam, The British School, the National Anti Doping Agency, and more. Their expertise extends across corporate companies, cricket leagues, and advertising agencies, consistently delivering professionalism, creativity, and technical prowess.

From CSR and corporate films to product shots and live sports broadcasts, V-AR Filmers tailors its services to each client’s unique needs. Their recent triumph in covering Delhi’s premier CII C3L season 3 cemented their reputation as live broadcasting aces.

However, their true crown jewels are the campaign films, both CSR and non-CSR, where their storytelling shines. Take their impactful “Mottainai For Swatch Bharat” film for IJ Kakehashi, funded by renowned giants – a testament to their commitment to meaningful storytelling.

The driving force behind V-AR Filmers is its dedicated team of experts, tirelessly transforming ideas into captivating visuals. Their journey, from humble beginnings to industry leadership, embodies the spirit of dreaming big and achieving the impossible.

Today, V-AR Filmers stands tall as a content creation leader, known for its engaging narratives, cutting-edge production techniques, and a laser focus on brand promotion, mainly through live cricket broadcasts.

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