Upmarket – A stock market education platform designed for the GenZ

Upmarket - A stock market education platform designed for the GenZ

Upmarket academy Pvt Ltd is one of the leading stock market trading institutes in India. The startup was founded in 2021 by Divyam Parashar, Founder & CEO, and Aaditya Taneja, Director & COO. The duo are passionate about teaching stock market trading to young minds and their sole motivation is to watch them grow.

The Upmarket academy introduces industry-specific teaching approaches equipped with practical performance in creative and captivating methods. The financial education courses and stock market investment masterclass come at free of cost for basic to intermediate level and stock market trading paid courses for advanced learning. The peculiarity of this course is that 90% of the learning is understanding the practicality of the stock market and taking a deep dive in technical analysis, risk management, market volatility and other trading tools.

After the pandemic, there was a boom in the number of people creating demat accounts in India and there was a massive influx of capital into the stock market. The gainers have taken hefty profits while the inexperienced had to bear the brunt when social media played a major role in spreading the misinformation. The stock market trading institutions increased in numbers and, unfortunately, led to unregulated trading tips for higher gains. There are only a handful of institutions who have expertise in the financial domain.

Aaditya Taneja, Director and COO, Upmarket academy says “Our holistic approach in teaching financial courses aiming for youth aspirants will unleash India’s developing potential of investment avenues contributing towards the country’s growth. The programmes and live workshops will help students achieve confidence and financial skillset to generate a second source of income and gain financial freedom.”

He also shared his views on people’s misconceptions about trading being equivalent to gambling. And this is what Upmarket aims to teach fundamentals to advanced knowledge, targeting the youth of India and training them to become financially independent. Upmarket aspires to build a knowledge path for students to excel in the field of finance.

Upmarket academy brings you a unique learning experience from financial fundamentals to advanced trading at your own pace. You don’t need any qualifications to learn this simplified way to understand technical graphs and help you build a career in trading. You can get in touch via email or Whatsapp and stay updated on upcoming workshops and courses on Upmarketacademy.com.


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