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Hong Kong: Tradeomatic Limited, Located in Hong Kong is an enterprise specialized in supplying whole set of solution for the customer in Personal hygiene industry by supplying high-quality hygiene products and Raw Materials in global markets. With professional R&D and marketing team, they aim at providing the safest, most comfortable healthy hygienic products to their global clients. Tradeomatic Limited supports OEM services by customizing products as per customer’s requirement, giving utmost priority to quality control, which runs strictly throughout all the links from raw materials to, finished products. Apart from numerous global sales platforms, Tradeomatic Limited will be launching next month on, catering to worldwide online business platform at B2B level.

“Global Personal Hygiene Industry believe that Covid-19 pandemic has made consumers more aware of need to maintain hygiene, at a personal level as well as at home, to reduce the chances of infection and this is expected to become a trend in the long-run” said entrepreneur Sunny Pawar, Director of Tradeomatic Limited.

Tradeomatic Limited Director, Sunny was born in Mumbai, India and holds Hong Kong S.A.R citizenship with a professional MBA degree in Aviation and Management. He has over 15 years of experience in aviation industry and also a qualified private pilot.

As per the recent data, pandemic continues to put health systems under severe strain, but regulators have approved safe treatments, and countries have launched their vaccination programs.

Key Figure for the most impacted Countries worldwide.

As of October 29, 2021 Total Infections Active Infections Deaths Recoveries
World 246,318,564 18,136,050 4,997,233 233,185,281
USA 46,685,145 9,355,413 763,784 36,565,948
India 34,246,157 161,304 457,221 33,627,632
Brazil 21,781,436 194,987 607,125 20,979,324
UK 8,936,155 1,534,182 140,206 7,261,767
Russia 8,392,697 885,587 235,057 7,272,053

Source: Statista, Worldometer  

Variants of concern have been identified in the UK (Alpha), South Africa (Beta), Brazil (Gamma), and India (Delta). Practicing Personal hygiene adequately could only help to minimize this situation, which the world is stuck since early 2020.

Post initial phase of Covid -19; India itself is growing its passion for Personal Hygiene Products to new heights, the vision of Tradeomatic is to “supply high-quality hygiene products at all level without differentiating any middle or high-end market”

Talking about their mission further, Sunny says, “The case for keeping personal hygiene a high priority is strong, but how we move forward in the months and years to come will certainly impact global food safety and public health. We aim to bring access to variety of personal hygiene products globally; especially to India at the grass route level, I strongly believe that Personal Hygiene Products is not a privilege anymore but it’s a human necessity.

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