This Diwali Don’t Just Gift a Thing: GiftAHabit- Gift NutriNosh Combo Packs

This Diwali Don’t Just Gift a Thing: GiftAHabit- Gift NutriNosh Combo Packs

We ALL love to give and receive Gifts for the festive, it is an integral part of our celebrations, Right? These gifts are a way to express our ‘Love & Care’ for the people we love, around us and or far away. And we always want the best for our folks. Don’t we? We do often spend a good time and thought around our gifting idea. Is’nt it?

Here is one MORE of that for you – #GiftAHabit. Gift a pack from NutriNosh, a Combo Pack that contains Nuts, Dryfruits, Dates, Seeds and more. These are all well packed in 30 small packs, 30 Varieties for 30 Days.

The Habit –

At NutriNosh, we believe that snacking between meals is important but what you snack is equally important. At most people are pressed for time and prefer to snack ‘On The Go’ and Quickly between their daily hustle. We want our customer & your loved ones to avoid that daily junk snack and munch on the naturally health options that the world offers. Thus we have for you a self curated or ready combo packs that are absolutely convenient to carry along, healthy to consume and affordable for daily consumption. One that will get you habituated in to snacking healthy forever, leading to a better diet and improved lifestyle.

Get Personal –

The Gift is wrapped in very Earthy yet Classy Handmade Paper with a Diwali Card that is personally addressed to each and very receiver with a personal note from you to them that shares with them your Unique gifting idea- #GiftAHabit.

The Convenience –

Go head, select your combo and have that AWESOME gift DIRECTLY delivered to your Family, Friends, Business Partners, Team and Network. Order for ALL with just ONE click, share their details by email and sit back. We will do the magic that will make your GIFTING Experience super easy and classic only.

Value for Money –

This #GiftAHabit we bet, will out do ALL gifts that are things. One that most receivers will get habituated to for good and will cherish for life. All this only for INR Rs 1338 a pack. Inclusive of Taxes, Plus Courier charges at Actuals. 

Good Habits Leads to GoodLife.

NutriNosh Brands LLP

WhatsApp: 9821294283



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