The Perfect Protein Powerhouse for Vegetarians ft. Boldfit Vegan Plant Protein


You are what you eat! Our diet and lifestyle affect our everyday activities and our overall well-being. The essential minerals and vitamins make you grow and glow, any deficit in any of the essential vitamins or minerals not only disrupts our everyday health but gives birth to various chronic disorders if left unchecked.

The vegetarian and vegan diet is undoubtedly clean and full of Fibre and antioxidants but most of the time it lacks other essential nutrients like protein, biotin, Vitamin B12. Proteins are abundantly found in animal food sources but lack in plant-based foods sources, Making it difficult for people following a vegetarian diet to get adequate protein, even more difficult for people who are vegan.

Constantly on the lookout for plant-based protein, we tried the Vegan Plant Protein from Boldfit and we were able to check most of the Touchpoints that should be in an ideal protein substitute. It is not like usual protein powder; it was easily absorbed by the body without any bloating. We also loved how easy it was to use and consume. Just take a heapful of powder and mix with either water or your preferred kind of milk, shake well and it becomes a perfect post or pre workout indulgence. Even if you are craving something satiable, it tastes amazing making it perfect for anytime sipping. You can also make a smoothie bowl or a healthy fruit pudding. The best part is that it doesn’t feel too heavy. For every 33 gram, it gives you around 25 grams of protein. Sourced from clean plant-based sources, it is also gluten and sugar free. You can even try it out if you are lactose intolerant or usually have problem digesting heavier animal-based protein.

You can check out all other necessary information from their website:

Price – INR 1799/-


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