Overcoming Challenges Through Yoga: The Story Behind The Yoga Traveler and Its Founder, Trina Paul


Kolkata (West Bengal), [India], 27 May, 2024: Trina Paul, a mother of two, has always harboured a deep passion for physical activity, particularly yoga and dance. Her love for these disciplines began in her school years, where she balanced academics with her enthusiasm for dance. However, life’s inevitable twists and turns led her to bid farewell to dance as she pursued her education, eventually earning a Master’s in Geography.

Trina’s life took a significant turn when she married and moved to the United States due to her spouse’s work commitments. During their six-year stay, the couple welcomed their first child. Upon returning to India, Trina found herself struggling with weight issues. As a foodie, she struggled to manage weight despite trying various popular commercial diets and fitness regimes. The birth of her second child compounded her physical challenges, leading to severe back pain, breathing difficulties, and a daunting weight of 95 kilograms. Her health deteriorated to the point where doctors prescribed regular use of inhalers.

Desperately seeking a solution, Trina turned to yoga, initially practising casually. However, the lack of quality professionals in her hometown of Kolkata hindered her progress. Determined, she delved deeper into yoga, and gradually, her health began to improve. Her newfound passion drove her to complete several yoga teacher training courses in Kolkata, eventually offering personal classes. Yet, Trina’s thirst for knowledge and growth remained unquenched.

The onset of the global pandemic presented a unique opportunity for Trina. With the world in lockdown, she dedicated herself to advanced teacher training at a leading yoga institute in India. This experience transformed her understanding of yoga and its potential to address life’s challenges. Inspired by her journey and newfound insights, Trina envisioned a way to help others through yoga, especially those who struggled to find quality guidance.

In early 2022, during a casual conversation with her spouse, Trina expressed her desire to elevate her yoga practice to a professional level. The name “The Yoga Traveler” came to her mind almost instantly. Without delay, she began the search for a suitable space to open her yoga studio. Despite facing numerous challenges, including budget and space limitations, she eventually found a location that met her needs.

The Yoga Traveler officially began its journey, quickly gaining attention due to Trina’s polite demeanour, professionalism, and extensive knowledge. Over the past two years, The Yoga Traveler has become a well-known name in the community. The studio has helped over 500 individuals improve their health through daily yoga, adhering strictly to authentic ashtanga vinyasa yoga principles without incorporating Westernised activities.

Furthermore, The Yoga Traveler offers a Basic Teacher Training course, preparing students to pass the AYUSH certification. Trina’s guidance extends beyond yoga practice. She also assists students in starting their businesses, providing support from initial setup to achieving stability. The Yoga Traveler has created a sanctuary where authentic yoga thrives, and countless individuals find a path to better health and well-being.


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