JMC Hotels and Resorts Announces Expansion Plans to Meet Growing Demand


Mumbai, (Maharashtra), [India] May 27, 2024: Travelers often struggle to find hotels that cater to all their basic needs. JMC Hotels and Resorts, a leading Indian hospitality group, is making this easier. Founded in 2011 by Mahindra Desai, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience, JMC has been exceeding guest expectations for years. Now, this hotel and resort chain taking things a step further with ambitious plans for expansion

Mahindra Desai’s extensive career path, including working with renowned hotel chains like Taj Hotels and Sarovar Hotels, has been instrumental in JMC’s success. With a focus on exceeding guest expectations, JMC has built a loyal following of over 2 million satisfied customers.  Additionally, this hotel and resort chain currently operates 20+ hotels with over 609 rooms across three states, demonstrating its commitment to providing quality hospitality experiences. 

Expansion on the Horizon

Fueled by positive feedback, JMC has set a bold goal – to expand to over 40 hotels with 1,500 rooms pan-India. This ambitious plan promises not only to create new jobs but also to cater to the growing demand for high-quality hospitality experiences. JMC continually provides great experiences for its guests, as shown by recent reviews from delighted customers.

Lieutenant Colonel Bhimipal Singh, deputy general manager of administration and logistics at Force Motors Limited, praised JMC’s service and facilities. “The hospitality was nothing short of ‘Service Excellence,’” he stated. “The rooms were spacious, clean, and comfortable. The banquet staff was extremely attentive to every detail and very professional. Overall, the meeting went great, and everyone was satisfied with the amazing food.”

Bharat Doongarwal, head of HR operation and administration at Pratibha Syntex Ltd. Pithampur, praised the professionalism of JMC staff. “The front office, reservations, and parking staff did a wonderful job,” he said. “We were impressed with the check-in staff’s welcoming and courteous demeanour, providing a smooth and efficient experience. We love bringing our Annual Meeting to JMC. The hotels offer a wonderful ambience, professional hotel staff, and a quality stay. We love the meeting space and all amenities.”

Rajesh Sule, of Sule Developers commended the friendliness of JMC’s restaurant staff. “The service by all the hotel staff was excellent,” he shared. “The restaurant staff was especially friendly, cooperative, and happy-going. Thanks for the good memories. Keep it up!”

JMC Hotels and Resorts prioritises delivering exceptional service and ensuring comfortable accommodations. Its commitment to guest satisfaction extends beyond just rooms. It offers a diverse range of on-site amenities, including restaurants, banquet halls, party venues, and even event management services. This focus on exceeding expectations positions JMC Hotels and Resorts for significant growth in the Indian hospitality industry.

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