Now booking rides become easier and faster with newly launched app ‘Hodo’ by Toyotech


Toyotech introduces “Hodo”, the new ride-hailing mobile apps for users to hire an auto, car, bike, or truck, as per their travel and delivery requirements Bookings are available 24X7 to enjoy a smooth hailing process.

In the hustle-bustle life, people tend to travel here and there, making transportation one of daily life’s biggest demands. To make travel comfortable and on time, people used to hire taxis, or cabs. Gone are the days when people used to book a taxi in advance 2-3 days before their travel or wait for hours to get a taxi booked on the same day. With recent advancements, the cab booking process is completely hassle-free. Users can get a taxi or truck booked in a few minutes with just a single click. Understanding the demand for travel and transportation, Toyotech introduces “Hodo,” the best ride-hailing app for drivers and riders.

While explaining the features of this ride-hailing app, the spokesperson from Toyotech stated, “Hodo app is designed to provide a fantastic booking service to drivers and customers. Using this app, users can hire a car, bike, or truck per their travel and delivery needs. Once the user books a cab, the Hodo driver app will send the booking request to the nearby driver. Once the driver accepts the request, the booking confirmation notification will be sent to the user, and the cab will reach the destination within the estimated time. You can make your bookings 24X7 via the Hodo app.”

Hodo mobile app has quickly gained popularity among users, as it is jam-packed with amazing features. The newly launched app aims to allow users to book taxis seamlessly by automatically identifying their exact location and address in case the user isn’t aware of the street address. Furthermore, users can book a taxi closest to them, so there will be no more waiting period. Once the taxi is booked, riders can see all the details related to the trip, such as – driver’s name, plate numbers, estimated arrival & departure time, and so on.

Next to Hodo ride-hailing app, Toyotech proudly announced another feature called “Hodo (My Auto)” which is specifically designed for auto drivers in Kerala to register their auto-rickshaws for an easy booking process. This app has been developed to meet the demands and requirements of auto drivers. Auto drivers can download the app and register in it. Auto drivers who are registered in this app will be shared with the registered Hodo app users. So, when a user books an auto ride via the Hodo app, the My Auto app searches for an auto driver near the rider’s destination and books the ride accordingly. By this, My Auto app can quickly get the auto driver connected with the nearby rider, so there will be no more worries for auto drivers about finding the next passengers.”

Commenting about the launch of the Hodo (My Auto) app, Mr. Muhammed Shaduli, the CEO and Co-Founder of Toyotech said, “Hodo (My Auto)app has been designed in a user-friendly manner which is easy to use for anyone. All you need to do is download the app and register by providing all the required details. The booking process is easy – you will be required to have a stable internet connection – that’s it. Your ride will be available within a few minutes right after your booking.”

Toyotech is the leading mobile app development company with more than 25+ years of experience and expertise in providing the best IT solutions around the globe. The company is owned and run by a team of passionate people – Mr. Subramanian Eswaran, the Chairman; Mr. Suresh AK, the Managing Director; Mr. Muhammed Shaduli, the CEO & Co-Founder; and the eminence Executive Directors, Mr. Mansoor, and Mrs. Haseena.

About Hodo App,

Hodo (My Auto) is the most reliable and trusted ride-hailing mobile application. Both apps have been designed to offer the best booking experience to the riders. Whether it’s a short commute to the office, late-night pickups, or delivery services, Hodo (My Auto) app will be the perfect choice for everyone to book their taxi, cab, truck, or auto. The apps are free for download on Google Play Store and App Store. Download the apps and make the traveling experience memorable.

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