Club Vacationz Unveils Affordable Holiday Memberships and B2B Opportunities for Indian Travellers

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Club Vacationz, a venture under Bizrato Biz Concepts (OPC) Pvt Ltd, is redefining the concept of holiday memberships in India. Founded in 2021 by Manish Vij, the company offers affordable membership plans that make luxurious vacations accessible to middle-class families.

With a vision to conceptualise affordable quality stays, Club Vacationz presents its Family Plan for 2 Adults and 2 Kids and a unique “Work Together & Grow Together” initiative.  Featuring breakfast inclusions and access to 108+ destinations across India through its extensive network of 250+ hotel and resort tie-ups.

Inspired by the founder, Mr Manish Vij, the company aims to make luxury vacations accessible to all, overcoming challenges and misconceptions associated with holiday memberships. Since its inception, the company has rapidly grown to a mass over 7,000+ members, boasting a remarkable 100% reservation or booking rate.

Club Vacationz is India’s Most Affordable and Best Holiday Membership Plan, allowing members to pay yearly with no upfront charges, annual maintenance fees, or stringent cancellation policies. This approach provides members with unmatched flexibility and affordability, setting Club Vacationz apart in the travel industry.

Manish Vij’s commitment to the cause stems from his own experiences of being unable to afford luxury accommodations due to financial constraints. The platform reflects this commitment by ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy quality vacations.

Looking towards the future, Club Vacationz aspires to expand its footprint by acquiring properties in renowned destinations across India, enhancing member experiences and fostering further growth.

Perks of Membership:

  1. Flexible Membership Plans: Choose from various options based on travel preferences and needs.  
  1. Confirmed Booking: Inform the company ten days before the travel date and get 100% booking at the selected destination.
  2. 365-Day Reservation Guarantee: Members can plan vacations anytime throughout the year for ultimate travel scheduling flexibility.
  3. No Annual Maintenance Charges: The company prioritises transparency and cost-effectiveness by eliminating annual maintenance charges.
  4. Cancel Anytime Policy: Members can cancel their membership anytime without hassles, reflecting Club Vacationz’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  5. Forward Nights Feature: Unused nights can be forwarded to the next year, preventing any loss of membership benefits.
  6. Pay-Per-Year Option: Break the mould by allowing members to pay on a yearly basis, making luxury stays more accessible.
  7. Transparent Business Ethics: The company provides transparent business practices, ensuring no hidden fees or unexpected charges.
  8. Claim and Refund Policy: Members can claim a refund if dissatisfied, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  9. Future Property Ownership: With a forward-looking approach, the platform aims to own properties in top destinations, ensuring a consistent and high-quality experience.
  10. Community and Networking: The platform allows members to connect, share experiences, and build a community of like-minded travellers.
  11. Exclusive Partner Network: Through collaborations with renowned resorts and hotels, the platform offers members exclusive access to affordable premium accommodations.
  12. Sustainable and Responsible Tourism: Dedicated to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism practices, the platform contributes to eco-friendly initiatives and supports local communities.

Club Vacationz invites freelancers and travel agents to join its B2B platform, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.

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