With Cutting-Edge Low-Code Development Services Metafic Transforms Business Workflow


Metafic, a dynamic software firm from Cheyenne in the US, offers innovative Low-Code Development Services to redefine how businesses approach the software development process.

Metafic Presents Low-Code for Improved Business Processes 

Teaming up with esteemed no-code platform providers like OutSystems, Bubble, Webflow, Mendix, and Retool, Metafic provides a reliable way to bridge the gap between business and IT teams and meet digital transformation.

By establishing new partnerships, the company has expanded its reach across the North American, Eastern, Middle Eastern, and North African (MENA) regions. These strategic alliances are proof of Metafic’s commitment to delivering innovative low-code solutions on a global scale.

Adeen Shukla, CTO at Metafic said, “With over 500+ projects successfully delivered since 2018, we’re proud to say our cutting-edge low-code services dramatically streamline the app development process for firms across all sectors and regions. Our innovative approach allows us to create custom innovative solutions with enhanced efficiency and reduced costs.”

Talking about the types of services offered at Metafic, Adeen adds, “We offer a flexible staffing model, with expert developers available to be hired hourly and within 24 hours. Additionally, our agency model focuses on agile development with a commitment to security, scalability, and transparent budgeting. This includes free support and maintenance, ensuring our clients have the best possible experience and results from our end.”

Why Low-Code Development Stands Out?

The Low Code approach enables businesses to develop custom software solutions efficiently, regardless of their technical expertise. It allows faster creation of applications with a visual development interface and pre-built templates, thus reducing the time spent on coding and debugging. This ultimately also lowers the overall cost of the project.

Metafic Reported Exceptional Client Satisfaction

Reports indicate that Metafic has recorded exceptional client gratification, which is evident in its high 90% repeat business rate. Their dedication to incorporating client feedback and providing continuous support has cultivated lasting partnerships with many esteemed clients, positioning Metafic as a reliable collaborator in the digital arena.

Swift Project Execution

A key factor in Metafic’s impressive client satisfaction is its rapid project execution. Their progressive low-code technique shortens the project delivery time while ensuring quality output. This strategy has been successful and as a result, more than 95% of software projects are finalized quicker than traditional timelines, enabling their clients to stay at the forefront in a dynamic digital landscape.

About Metafic

At Metafic, the company specialises in developing software solutions that are both innovative and easy to use, with a strong focus on the latest technologies and a commitment to user-centric design. We’re here to help businesses, regardless of size, achieve their technology-driven objectives.

Apart from offering low-code services for businesses, Metafic also excels at offering AI solutions for enterprises and Startups. The company’s Metafic.ai platform lets users add custom-trained and fine-tuned LLMs, Generative AIs, or other open-source models to their apps in minutes.


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