SERON-a name that the world trusts for home furnishings and Agro products

Mr. Arpit Gupta and Mrs. Shruti Gupta

The name Seron denotes a high value brand in home furnishings and Agro products. Seron, in a way, is the culmination of years of hard work and expertise of the ECON Group with its specialization in infrastructure and projects, waste management solutions, global services, technical services and retail. ECON Retail & E-Commerce LLP, a company of the ECON Group is bringing the group’s innovative approach to the spotlight through its new brand “Seron”.

One may wonder at the logic of the choice of home furnishings and Agro products, two segments that have little to do with each other. However, when one takes a global viewpoint, the choices can be understood.

Home furnishings may not take center position in the consumer consciousness but are a very important part of our lives. The demand remains strong throughout the year. Home furnishings are vital to everyday lives. You must use bedsheets, pillow covers, carpets, curtains and upholstery materials.

Commenting on the company, Mrs. Shruti Gupta, the Managing Partner of the company says, “The quality and type of furnishings you choose for your home indicate your taste and aesthetic values. They are always present and surround you with their aura. Seron is always present and inspires you every day.

The other segment carrying the Seron brand is Agro products comprised of quality basmati and non-basmati rice, groundnuts, wheat and pulses, to name a few. Again, these are vital for everyone. Agro products give you nourishment from within and do their work proving indispensable for health and life. Seron stands for wellbeing and a healthy life.

“There is a world within us and outside us. Achieving harmony and balance is what keeps you contented. Seron achieves that happy balance in the choice of its products, its operations, its level of quality and the trust the name engenders in buyers across the country and the world”, opines Mr. Arpit Gupta, Founding Partner.

Seron makes no extravagant claims. The products speak for themselves. Buyers of home furnishing, for example, will want to touch and feel curtains, bedsheets and carpets before they decide, the color, design, pattern, fabric and quality shine through and convince buyers. In the same way, Agro products like rice, wheat and lentils vary in quality but when you use them and consume them you know the difference and will decide to stick with a particular brand if it proves to be satisfactory. The products do the talking and convincing.


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