Mumbai Music Institute Pioneers Music Industry through AI Adaption

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Mumbai (Maharashtra), [India], January 30, 2024: Mumbai Music Institute (MMI), in the heart of the city of dreams, pioneers the aspirants by launching and integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its curriculum. Founded by Arvind Vishwakarma in 2016, MMI has evolved from a recording haven for iconic films like “DevD” and “Wake Up Sid” to a cutting-edge educational institution shaping the future of music production.

Arvind recognised the importance of performance space and transformed MMI’s live sound classroom into Rule 34 in 2019. Overcoming challenges posed by the global pandemic, both Rule 34 and MMI thrived, showcasing performances by acclaimed artists like Agnee,  Mohan Kanan, Mohini Dey, Gulraj Singh, Gino Banks and many more.

In a progressive move, MMI has become the first music institute in India to integrate AI music production tools into its curriculum. This strategic initiative ensures that students remain at the forefront of technology-driven music production, preparing them for the industry’s evolving space.

What sets Mumbai Music Institute apart is its inclusion of a sprawling auditorium that provides an immersive learning experience with live performances by industry luminaries.

Students at MMI actively engage in real-time projects, gaining practical skills and immediate application of theoretical knowledge. The institute serves as a launchpad for students, providing a stellar stage for sound engineers and live musicians and offering valuable exposure. MMI’s commitment to innovation and AI is reflected in its faculty, comprised of seasoned professionals who impart industry-relevant knowledge and mentorship.

Renowned celebrities grace the institute, enriching the budding artist’s knowledge and understanding of how AI enhances music. This platform facilitates early networking opportunities with industry professionals, establishing connections for future career prospects. The faculty, comprising seasoned professionals, imparts industry-relevant knowledge and mentorship to students.

MMI’s being the first in India to add AI to the music curriculum signifies its dedication to building the Indian music community into an advanced place. The well-rounded curriculum covers various facets of music production and sound engineering, ensuring students are well-prepared for diverse roles in the field.
Arvind Vishwakarma, a veteran in the industry, embarked on this journey in 2006 by establishing Audio Garage, a studio synonymous with cinematic excellence. In 2013, his vision extended to education with the inception of MMI, offering premier music production instruction. Under his guidance, MMI underwent a significant expansion, transitioning from 1000 to 11000 sqft, equipped with advanced technology facilities.

Arvind Vishwakarma’s journey embodies passion, entrepreneurship, and resilience, leaving an indelible mark on Mumbai’s music landscape. Arvind Vishwakarma’s vision continues to shape the music industry, providing premier education and a platform for emerging talents to shine. MMI exemplifies his enduring impact on Mumbai’s music industry, combining tradition with cutting-edge technology to create a harmonious future.

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