Intrainz: Igniting a Brighter Future

Intrainz: Igniting a Brighter Future

Discover how Intrainz builds your tech foundation for a successful career

Bangalore, Karnataka [India]: Are you a student at an Indian university feeling the heat of the rapidly changing tech landscape? Worried about your job opportunities in a world where automation is on the rise and the recession cloud looms overhead?

Intrainz is an ed-tech company with an impressive annual turnover of Rs 6 Crore, founded by two young visionaries who have discovered a comprehensive solution to your worries.

Batchu Rohith, the Founder and CEO of Intrainz, and Vishnu P. Nair, the Co-Founder and Head of Operations, were just 25 years old when these dynamic engineers started Intrainz Innovation Private Limited, and from their humble flat beginnings in May 2022, they’ve skyrocketed to three offices with 110 employees by September 2023.

Let’s be honest, the educational material offered by numerous Indian universities is as modern as a typewriter. The focus seems to be more on memorization and passing exams than on staying up-to-date with 21st-century technologies. And Intrainz understands the struggles that young minds face in today’s job market. 

They recognize the need for practical skills and the real-world application of concepts. Their comprehensive Industrial Training and Projects program is designed to equip you with the skills and experiences that will make you stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Intrainz isn’t your average Ed-Tech gig, It’s a lot more than that. It offers industrial training and internships in various specialized domains, including Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and many more. From the complexities of Cyber Security to the magic of Genetic Engineering, there’s a niche for every curious mind.

The Intrainz experience unfolds over two transformative months. The first month is all about building strong fundamentals and mastering the basics. The second month is where you’ll delve into real-time industry-grade projects, with expert mentors by your side. And, of course, you’ll earn a certification that’s your pass to a world of opportunities.

Intrainz’s mission is bigger than personal achievement, it’s about influencing a whole nation’s future. India, with its young population, requires a skilled workforce that’s updated for the 21st century. Intrainz strives to make sure Indian talent stands out globally and stays appealing to recruiters worldwide.

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About Intrainz:

Intrainz, led by founders Batchu Rohith and Vishnu P. Nair, is on a mission to transform education into an engaging experience. Their goal is to equip individuals with 21st-century skills and the confidence to excel in the tech world, regardless of their background, Whether they are a seasoned tech enthusiasts or newcomers to the field, Intrainz serves as their trusted companion on the path to endless opportunities. 


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