In Conversation with a Ace Designer – Pooja Narula Sharma, CEO, Cryatif Designing & Community Entrepreneur

Ace Designer Pooja Narula Sharma CEO Cryatif Designing & Community Entrepreneur
Pooja Narula Sharma, CEO, Cryatif Designing & Community Entrepreneur

Since ages, braves are those who do not talk rather demonstrates it with their action. Today, we have with us Pooja Narula Sharma, who has demonstrated credibility and impeccable excellence of work in all walks of life. From being a mother to community entrepreneur and Interior Design Queen.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career path so far?

I am Pooja Narula Sharma… a law graduate and master’s in design management. I am married to Harish Sharma and mother of two Hrishooja & Hrishooj.

It’s been more than one and half decade working as designer and combining my experiences and learnings, started by own venture as Cryatif Designing in 2005.

Besides this, I love spending my time with Tarot numerology, music and meditation.

I hail from Dehradun.

What is it about your work that makes you want to get up every morning?

I personally like this quote a lot “Welcome every morning with a smile…… opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday because u were born to win.”

Whenever I finish my project, I feel so awesome as I did some unique creation as I never copy any design from magazine and/or Google. I believe in originality and it is my motivation pill to work more and better.

What do you like and not like about working in this industry?

I like the wide scope designer must give wings to his creativity. “Creativity is nothing but a mindset free.”

I dislike two things firstly people copy-paste our design so easily.. without giving a thought that how many months we might have spent thinking to create that one design …secondly people think interior designers are only to work for furnishings… (which every woman can do)

Someone, please tell the world we do design walls ceilings floors top. We create theme design and most important we spent years to learn this trade!!!!

What are some of the most interesting things about you that you would like to share with us which would inspire our readers?

I always take my kids to project sites as I’m a possessive mother so don’t leave them alone at home.

I carry on all the social responsibilities given to me as an army officer wife at times even at the cost of my work.

In this journey, I won various prestigious awards like Ace women entrepreneur, Most Enterprising and emerging Group, Global Growth Accelerator Award, Mompreneurs2021, Women Victory by star awards, Brand icon of the year 2021 etc.

My journey has been published in various online and offline portals.

What are some things outside of work that you’re irrationally passionate about?

“Passion is energy”

I run Facebook Groups along with my co-admins Preeti Mughlani, Raj Narula, Ruchika Aggarwal.

“Parenting with food and fitness” & “She” is having 164000 members where I share stories of entrepreneurs, self-made businesses and promotes them in gaining visibility. I also encourage women power through it and hold various contests, lives, giveaways etc.

I am a tarot numerologist and often conduct live session in my free time.

As an influencer, I have worked for various national n international brands like Dyson Air wrap, Charlie Banana, Dyson Corrales, Johnson & Johnson, Lactogrow, Nangrow, Preganews, Protinex, Pediasure, Dettol, Veet, Dove, Wella professional, Ashirwaad, ITC, Lenovo, Keshking etc.

It has been an exciting journey of being a model for such big brands… now even my 2 kids are working with me as influencer models…feels really blessed to work for more than 70 brands in the span of 1 year.

Whenever any brand reaches me, I know I must leave no stone unturned for its success.

From your perspective, what are the problems you see working in this field? What was the biggest challenge you were facing?

“Don’t limit your challenges…challenge your limits”

Problems are many …many people ask for complimentary designing, at many places of my known people I see my copied designs, people don’t want to spend more but want best materials …the worst is in this Era also people not clear what wonders an interior designer can do in your budget.

Projects you worked upon.

I have independently designed many residential & commercial projects in Meerut, Dehradun, Gopalpur, Shimla, wellington, Jalandhar, Delhi in last 15 years. to name few defense Institute Gopalpur, wheelers club Meerut, Kulwant officers club Meerut etc.

Moving forward, do you have any special words of encouragement for our readers as result of your experience?”

If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Keep learning keep growing. You may find yourselves struck in between real insensitive people with main motto of pulling u down …you don’t react. stay firm and let your work speak about you….

You are made for bigger things in life …

On the last note, would you like to give us an insight on your future plans?

“The choices we make today create the future that we are dreaming of”

I have many ideas in my mind …just waiting for right opportunities. God been kind enough to give me one of the best projects in industry till date and I am sure he have planned a smoother way for me for future.

More power to all women entrepreneurs out there …you all are awesome !!!


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