Global Startup Summit – Bengaluru announced after successful Summit in Mumbai

Global Startup Summit - Bengaluru announced after successful Summit in Mumbai
Anurag Kashyap (Cinedubs) at GLOBAL STARTUP SUMMIT, Mumbai

(Maharashtra) [India]: GLOBAL STARTUP SUMMIT | Bengaluru is expected to take place on 18th March 2023. It is followed by successfully conducting the first edition of their conclave, on the 4th of February 2023 in Mumbai. Over 300 Founders, Venture Capitalists & Investors, CXOs, Professional firms & freelancers like CAs, Lawyers, and Digital Marketers attended as delegates and networked and imparted their expertise to the startup ecosystem of India. The event is co-organized by 3x Events, Mojo Startup Consulting, Global Startups Club & Change Catalyst.

Krishna Rana, Managing Director, Platinum Industries Pvt. Ltd., shared his enthralling rags-to-riches story of the ‘Bankrupt Millionaire’ and gave a fiery talk on the importance of financial discipline and its benefits.

Vikas Kumar,  TRC Corporate Consulting gave an engaging talk on challenges faced by startups and explained how Indian startups would continue to play a leading role and pivotal part in the advancement of the nation. TRC Corporate Consulting, with over 70 years of experience, is a leading business advisory firm that specializes in providing expert services for domestic and international clients. With a focus on business growth and a wide range of services including outsourcing, executive search, governance, risk and compliance, fixed assets and inventory management, transaction advisory, valuations, business modeling, and project monitoring.

There were insightful Mojo Startup Talks by Pranay Gandhi about his company Outer Network, which is a hyper-location professional networking platform that allows users to discover and connect with other professionals nearby. At the Global Startup Summit 2023 | Mumbai edition, attendees could easily navigate through the event, identify and connect with like-minded individuals, and expand their professional network conveniently and efficiently. It also allowed for seamless networking before, during, and after the event, making it easy to stay in touch with new connections and continue building relationships.

Another speaker Ritu Thakkar (RiskPro India Ventures Pvt. Ltd.) is dedicated to providing top-notch risk management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Their team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge and experience in various industries, making them one of the most sought-after risk consulting firms in India. Also, Arjun Vaidya (Dr. Vaidya’s, V3 Ventures) and Shalabh Upadhyay (NEWJ) shared an important message to young founders – ‘Failure is a badge of honour for founders, fail fast – learn fast & get ready for the next failure. It is a part of the process, not the end.’ NEWJ publishes news content in video format in 13 Indian vernacular languages, across several social media platforms with 10 billion views and 400 million engagements on its videos across platforms in 2022. NEWJ received the coveted ‘Silver Play Button’ from YouTube for crossing 100,000 followers. Driven by India-centric stories, NEWJ has carved a niche for itself in the video content space and it is his vision and strong leadership that has helped it become a modern doyen of visual storytelling.

There were excellent panel discussions on Startup Funding Outlook for 2023 by Ankit Machhar (NEN Wadhwani Entrepreneur), Vatsal Kanakiya (100X.VC), Shivam Bajaj (Avener Capital), Ramashrya Yadav (Integrow), and Vipul Jain (Hearth Ventures). The panel was moderated by Anup Kapadia (Maitreya Capital NBFI, TTPL). Panel discussion of one of the successful VCs/Angel investors of India shared their views on ideas, founders, opportunities, etc. This session was the crux of the event. Here we experienced live investors who are helping startups to grow their business and boost the Indian startup ecosystem.

Panel discussion of young content creators like Ayush Wadhwa, Deepak Pareek, Shreya Jaiswal, and Sushant Bindal moderated by Shubham Singhal (Dot Media) shared their experience on content creation. They discussed how the creator ecosystem will dominate the marketing industry in the next five years if the metrics can be measured correctly. Discussions included Unit Economics, Competitive Edge, Paying Capacity, Timelines, and much more. Other creators who graced the event were Ganesh Prasad (Think School), Mishka Rana, Dhairya Gangwani, and Aashna Tolkar (Moneylancer) among others by winning awards.

Greytip Software Pvt. Ltd. was the “HRMS Partner” for Global Startup Summit 2023. Greytip Software is India’s largest provider of cloud HR & Payroll software solutions. They touch the lives of 2,000,000+ active employees daily. Their mission is to improve people-centric practices and performance in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) through their cloud solution, greytHR. It automates HR processes & empowers employee self-service.

The Hobby Tribe is a company that is revolutionizing employee experience, engagement, and wellness programs. They offer a unique and innovative approach to these programs, focusing on building like-minded thriving corporate communities through the use of an employee’s hobbies. This not only results in a more personalized program but also a program that engages employees every week, leading to higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement by incorporating gamification into their approach.

Cure For Sure is an E-commerce platform created for enabling a curated experience to shop for Ayurveda, Nutraceuticals, and Wellness products for B2C and B2B customers. Other partner brands included MSME talks, IBG, Marksmen Daily and InFocus.

Premagic is an award-winning AI-powered SaaS product made for photographers, event planners & brands. Equipped with multiple specialized tools that facilitate photo selection, client management, AI-based album delivery, and more. The delegates used it during and after the post-event for immediately accessing the event pictures. Editor Buddy (EB) is a leading marketing and branding firm that helps businesses of all sizes navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. Editor Buddy offered a wide range of services, including photography, videography & post-production as a branding partner at the event.

Clickokart, one of India’s best gifting online stores, where one can find a range of gifting products according to the occasions, festivals, relations, and so on added to the buzz of the event. Clickokart made the gifting experience more memorable with its customized and handmade products for Speakers, Award Winners, etc.

The Global Startup Battles judges were Shivam Bajaj (Avener Capital), Devesh Rakhecha, (Marwari Catalyst, Yearbook Canvas); Anup Kapadia (Maitreya Capital, TTPL), and Vipul Jain (Hearth Ventures) Out of the hundreds of entries received from across the country for Virtual & Physical Battle, only 8 startups were chosen to pitch live at the Mumbai edition. Aditya Kashyap, CEO of “Cinedubs” (Dubswork Mobile Private Limited) emerged as the main stage battle winner, it’s a software product company that specializes in mobile application-based entertainment platforms. They have invented a next-generation technology that can revolutionize the user experience while watching movies. “Cinedubs” app allows movie-buffs to enjoy movies in their preferred language at a nearby theater irrespective of the language the movie is being played in. Through the app and an earphone, cine goers can choose their preferred language and the app will sync automatically with the scene on the screen and start the audio.

Battle hosts Ayush Chaplot & Prashant Shah of Transformative Technologies Private Limited (TTPL) graced the segment as the Knowledge Partners.

The 2nd leg of the GLOBAL STARTUP SUMMIT will be held in Bengaluru on 18th March 2023.

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