From Struggles to Solutions: MS Export Launches ‘Live B2B’ App to Support Small Businesses

From Struggles to Solutions: MS Export Launches ‘Live B2B’ App to Support Small Businesses

MS Export and Trading Private Limited, founded in 2017 with a vision to simplify international trade, announces the launch of its innovative mobile application, “Live B2B.” This user-friendly platform aims to bridge the gap between small businesses, potential buyers, and sellers worldwide, fostering global expansion and growth.

Mahatab, Director of MS Export and Trading Private Limited, recognised the challenges faced by many small businesses, including himself, in navigating the complexities of export-import processes. Finding reliable buyers and sellers often proved difficult and expensive, hindering business growth.

Inspired by his experience, Mahatab collaborated with CEO Ravi Teja and System Engineers Durga Prasad and Nikhil to conceptualise Live B2B. This application empowers small businesses by offering a suite of features designed to connect them directly with potential partners:

  • Live Video Showcase: Sellers can record short, time-stamped videos showcasing their products or services, building trust and transparency with potential buyers.
  • Location-Based Search: Users can easily filter content based on the location, ensuring relevant business opportunities in the preferred regions.
  • Direct Contact: Eliminate the middleman. Live B2B facilitates immediate business communication through integrated contact information and live location detection.
  • Subscription Plans: Enhanced features and functionalities cater to the specific needs of different businesses through personalised subscription options.

Live B2B goes beyond traditional listing platforms by leveraging the power of live video. Sellers can showcase products or services quickly, giving buyers a more realistic and engaging understanding of what’s on offer. This fosters trust and facilitates informed decision-making.

“Live B2B is more than just an app,” says Mahatab. “It’s a tool that empowers small businesses to overcome barriers and connect with the global marketplace. We believe in creating a level playing field where small businesses can thrive.”

Live B2B is positioned to change the B2B scene by enabling small businesses in India and beyond to connect, collaborate, and expand globally with its user-friendly design, cutting-edge capabilities, and focus on video-driven trust.

About MS Export and Trading Private Limited

Founded in 2017, MS Export and Trading Private Limited is committed to simplifying international trade for small businesses. Through innovative solutions like Live B2B, the company empowers entrepreneurs to connect with global markets, fostering growth and prosperity.


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