Every Newborn Life Matters: VNG Medical, a Leading Force in Neonatal Healthcare 

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Chandigarh, [India], April 19, 2024: VNG Medical, an India-based medical device manufacturing company, was founded by Mr Naveen Ahuja. It specialises in crafting advanced and affordable neonatal medical devices. 

VNG Medical operates globally with products utilised across India and the world. Through in-house manufacturing, VNG Medical produces specialised neonatal medical devices, emphasising quality, sustainability, and comfort for newborns.

As a sister concern of CardioCare, a leading distributor in North India specialising in ICU and NICU care, the company has a history of collaborations with renowned international companies from the USA, Japan, France, and beyond. The journey of VNG Medical is fueled by a commitment to providing the best healthcare experience for newborns. Mr Naveen Ahuja, the Founder and Managing Director, expresses the company’s vision, stating, “Every Newborn Life Matters.” This sentiment highlights the profound dedication to the well-being of the youngest members of society.

Established in 2014, the company initiated the establishment of its manufacturing plant, furnished with state-of-the-art facilities, including testing labs, assembly workshops, PCB soldering, and inventory management. The VNG product line debuted in India in 2016, followed by the introduction of NICU products. Expanding its horizons, VNG ventured into the international market after five years, focusing on Cooling Systems and Mounting Solutions. Moreover, VNG Medical obtained QMS certifications and collaborated with regulatory bodies to ensure medical device safety and compliance. Rigorous lab testing protocols were also implemented to guarantee product reliability.

The company is the 4th in the world to manufacture neonate cooling devices and the 1st in India, boasting over 250 installations globally.  VNG’s Neonatal Phototherapy, crafted with a sleek ABS plastic body, boasts high spectral irradiance and proven clinical advantages, aiding in timely jaundice treatment.

VNG Medical is poised to introduce pioneering products in 2024, including the Neo+Life Transport Incubator and a Resuscitation Trolley specifically designed for Delayed Cord Cutting in Neonates. The resuscitation trolley, boasting a patented design, is the result of collaborative efforts with esteemed neonatologists, highlighting VNG Medical’s commitment to innovation.

As a medical device company, VNG is driven by a set of core principles. It prioritises fostering new relationships with partners and clinicians, understanding the significance of healthy collaborations in empowering healthcare and translating innovation into tangible benefits at the grassroots level of the market. Its dedication extends to standing firmly behind every product it offers, with round-the-clock customer care available to support its customers. This unwavering commitment forms a fundamental aspect of its operations. Additionally, it is dedicated to consistently improving the engineering and quality of its products over time, ensuring continual growth and advancement in its offerings to better serve the needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

The recent collaboration with the Saudi Arabian company Alathl to localise manufacturing aligns with this mission, marking a significant step toward global accessibility to advanced neonatal medical devices.

VNG Medical’s mission revolves around empowering professionals in the healthcare ecosystem, including Medical Device Distributors and Biomedical Engineers. By doing so, the company aims to positively impact the most vulnerable population – neonates and babies in NICUs. 

VNG Medical strives to be the premier global provider of NICU devices, blending innovation with superior quality and performance. Our dedication extends to collaborating with esteemed medical institutions in India, such as PGIMER and AIIMS, to develop innovative technologies that bring clinical benefits to newborns.

By 2030, VNG envisions establishing itself as a global brand with refreshed leadership, expanding its footprint with two additional manufacturing sites worldwide, and offering an extensive portfolio of over 100 products. As always, VNG remains steadfast in its commitment to impacting lives, standing by its motto: “Every newborn life matters.”


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