Entrepreneur- Builder- Social worker VICKY PATIL is on a mission to further youth development

Vicky Patil

An entrepreneur, Builder, and Social worker, Vicky Patil is the owner of Gurushrushti Developer. A Mumbai-based corporation, guides & motivates the youths to become successful entrepreneurs and helps the people in need.

India’s GIG economy is scaling newer heights thanks to the surge of innovative start-up and young entrepreneurs who are changing the rules of business functioned. These young achievers do not only dream to achieve big in life, but they also nurture their passion to resolve the social inequities gripping our country.

Talking about the best of entrepreneurs in India, Vicky Patil definitely tops the list.

Vicky Patil, alias Vicky Patil is from Maharashtra, and he began his journey of entrepreneurship in India. He has achieved success in many businesses in India and has initiated to establish himself as a global brand. Presently, he is the owner of Gurushrushti Developer, Rukhmini Dhaba, RD lounge. A down-to-earth individual, Vick Patil works as a social worker too. Vicky Patil promotes social awareness and assists low-income families financially so they can lead better lives.

Vicky Patil has fought hard to achieve success, and he now inspires others to do the same. One can follow Vicky Patil on Instagram https://instagram.com/vicky_p4440?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


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