Edrupt and University of Technology’s Empowering Youth Towards Digital Marketing Employment in Indian and International Markets


Revolutionizing Employment Prospects for Youth: Edrupt and University of Technology’s Joint Effort to Unleash the Potential of Digital Marketing, extending to Global Job Markets Including Australia

A momentous event took place at Deepshikha College, Jaipur, as Edrupt Mumbai and the University of Technology, Bilwa Jaipur, joined forces to launch the first-ever Digital Marketing Diploma and Certificate Courses in Rajasthan. This pioneering initiative aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic world of digital marketing, offering exciting prospects for employment both in India and abroad, including promising job opportunities in Australia.

The grand inauguration of the Digital Marketing course witnessed an overwhelming response, with hundreds of enthusiastic students expressing their keen interest in enrolling. The program was graced by the esteemed presence of dignitaries, including Praveen Jain, Mohit Gadhia, Praveen Bhutoriya, Shreyansh Bengani, Aseem Jain, Jayant Bhura, Manisha Jain, Kuldeep Baid, and Sunil Choradia from the Terapanth Youth Association. Furthermore, Pramod Jain Bhambhar, the BJP Business Forum media in-charge, assured his commitment to supporting increased admissions to the course. The program was Powered by RMB- Australia.

One of the key highlights of this revolutionary course is the 100% employment guarantee it offers to successful graduates. Students can apply for the course through the university’s website and, upon completion, open doors to exciting career opportunities in the thriving digital marketing domain.

Notably, the event featured engaging online presentations by Edrupt’s visionary leaders, CEO Kunal Shah, David John, and Mansi Shah, who offered in-depth insights into the immense utility and career prospects that digital marketing can offer. Highlighting the global impact of the program, Edrupt’s Managing Director, Zuber Shaikh, and Director, Lokesh Dave, expounded on the abundant job prospects that await successful candidates, particularly in Australia.

On this occasion, Kunal Shah, CEO of Edrupt says, “I am thrilled to share that our Digital Marketing program offers comprehensive knowledge and valuable insights into the vast utility and promising career opportunities that digital marketing provides in today’s digital age. Businesses highly value these skills, enabling students to create successful marketing campaigns, engage audiences, and drive growth. Graduates are equipped with essential skills to excel in this rapidly expanding field, making a significant impact on businesses and industries worldwide.”

Addressing the gathering, Chairman Dr. Prem Surana of the University of Technology highlighted,

“I would like to stress the importance of employment-oriented education, signifying our unwavering commitment at the University of Technology to introduce skill-based courses that align with industry demands. I want to reassure everyone that our endeavours to foster employability skills among students will continue, reaffirming our dedication to cultivating a skilled and prosperous workforce for our nation.”

Dr. Anshu Surana, Vice Chairman of the University of Technology, declared that “The institution is dedicated to providing innovative courses, and keeping pace with the ever-evolving professional landscape. The University is proactive in its mission to adapt to changing market needs and stands ready to launch more such initiatives to foster youth employment. “

Dr. Rita Bisht, Director of Deepshikha Group of Colleges, highlighted the institution’s rich legacy in the field of education and its fruitful association with the University of Technology since 1976. She expressed, “I am delighted in partnering with Edrupt and UOT to introduce this trailblazing course, which enables students from Rajasthan and across the globe to pursue the Digital Marketing Diploma and Certificate Course through both online and offline platforms.”

As a pioneering collaboration between Edrupt, the Australia-based Digital Marketing Education Institute, and the University of Technology, Jaipur, this trailblazing course marks a transformative step towards equipping the youth with market-relevant skills and securing bright futures. For further details and to apply for the Digital Marketing Diploma and Certificate Course, interested students can visit the University of Technology’s official website.

About Edrupt:

Edrupt is a leading digital marketing education institute based in Australia, known for its cutting-edge courses and hands-on training that empowers students with the skills to excel in the digital landscape.

About the University of Technology, Jaipur:

The University of Technology, Jaipur, is committed to providing quality education and fostering employability among students, thereby contributing to the development of a skilled workforce for a prosperous future.

Link: http://edrupt.in/


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