Dr. Geomcy George – Top emerging healthcare leader who is making a difference in the lives of many


Dr. Geomcy George is a Special Executive Officer and Medical Superintendent of Believers Church Medical College Hospital, who with his distinguished career as a doctor and with his administrative experiences in Healthcare has been astoundingly candid in understanding and solving complex healthcare issues. An MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Administration, Dr. Geomcy George is also an associate director of the National Resource Centre for Non-Communicable diseases (NRC-NCDs).

Dr George began his career in cancer treatment after his MD in radiation oncology at Christian Medical College and Hospital- Ludhiana following which he did a fellowship in high precision Radiation techniques at Yashoda Cancer Institute- Hyderabad which was the first centre in Asia to have rapidarc treatment. After this he continued work there as Junior Consultant and then moved to American Oncology Institute as Consultant Radiation Oncologist. Following this Dr Geomcy George had short training at University of Pittsburgh and Cancer Treatment Services International- Arizona. Dr George then moved to Botswana – Africa with the Ministry of Health and setup a cancer centre in Maun- Botswana. After his services in Africa, Dr Geomcy moved to Punjab and helped the government set up an Advanced Cancer Diagnostic Treatment and Research Centre – Bathinda with the help of Baba Farhid University of Health Sciences. He later on moved to Believers Church Medical College Hospital- Thiruvalla, Kerala where he was instrumental in initiating the cancer treatment services. He also initiated evidence-based cancer screening programme and took up various administrative roles as Head of Oncology Services, Deputy Medical Superintendent   Addl. Vice Principal, Special Executive Officer and as Medical Superintendent.

Claim to Fame – Dr. Geomcy George

  • He has been a part of the task force for the cancer guidelines for the country Botswana
  • He is the Associate Director for National Resource Centre for Non Communicable diseases (NRC-NCDs)- India
  • He has a working experience with the first rapidarc machine in Asia and first Truebeam machine in the Country.
  • He is the Editor and Associate Editor of 3 International Journals.
  • He is also one of the authors of the book – Believers Medical Manual- THE INTERN.
  • He was part of the administrative team to initiate the First Drive-through vaccination in the country-India at Believers Church Medical College Hospital.
  • He was part of the administrative team to procure covid diagnostic equipments and thus make Believers Church Medical College the First medical college in the country to have all latest covid testing facilities.

Dr Geomcy George had initiated free cancer screening camps in Kerala state through Manorama News Channel – KeralaCan Initiative. With a fellowship in Palliative Medicine from Institute of Palliative Medicine- Kozhikode, he aims at helping patients get control of their pain and regain their dignity. Dr Geomcy George never fails to inspire his patients too as he always feels that keeping a person’s hope alive is as important as treatment in the case of cancer and other diseases.With a professional diploma in clinical research, Dr Geomcy George strives to integrate research in clinical practice, health care delivery and in health care Administration practices. By incorporating cutting edge technologies and evidence based treatment practices,  he has devoted his life to know what will work best for his needy patients.

He is a healer and a role model for many aspiring medical students. He not only sailed through all difficulties but also excelled in his field and in health care Administration. He strives to improve not only the lives of the patients but also the lives of the care teams. He builds confidence and develops such a system under his leadership that is trusted to deliver on its promises act with integrity and treat all fairly.

Unlike every healthcare leader, Dr. Geomcy George plans 5 stages Resolve, Resilience, Return, Reimagination, and Reform. No doubt, he had also faced the multifaceted challenge of combating the healthcare crisis on the frontlines while also tackling other issues like employee safety during Covid 19 Pandemic. He is also motivated by a deeper resolve, whether it be to address the humanitarian crisis or to protect the team and workers within the organization.

As a matter of fact, leadership in healthcare is found in all areas and Dr. Geomcy George’s leadership quality emerges through his behavior, actions, and his interactions with others. He is known to be in the tribe who leads because it is a specific element of his role not just as a doctor but also as a special Executive Officer and a Medical Superintendent.


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