Diviinegrace with Harpreet: Embarking on a Path to Wholeness and Transformation


Today’s fast-paced world demands continuous growth in the personal and professional sphere, and therefore, several individuals are seeking ways to unlock their inner potential.

Enters Harpreet B. Sharma with her holistic healing brand Diviinegrace.

Diviinegrace with Harpreet is the ultimate site where interested individuals can pursue peace and spiritual enlightenment. From tarot cards, holistic healing  therapy sessions  to meditation coaching, Harpreet has dedicated her life to guiding individuals towards optimal wellness, positive thinking, and leading a balanced lifestyle.

Diviinegrace’s Multifaceted Approach to Healing

Harpreet’s 12+ years of experience as a spiritual coach, healer, and clinical hypnotherapist has equipped her with a unique set of skills to address the diverse needs of her clients. Through modalities such as energy healing, chakra balancing and clinical therapy sessions, she guides individuals in releasing blockages and even tapping into their past lives if required to resolve their issues, helping them achieve holistic wellness.

Her compassionate approach and deep understanding of spiritual principles have earned her a reputation as a trusted practitioner.

Connecting With the Spirits of Universe

Harpreet offers mediumship readings that provide comfort and closure to those seeking communication with departed loved ones. Through her intuitive guidance, she creates a safe and nurturing space for clients to receive messages from the other side, offering clarity and healing in times of need.

Harnessing the Power of Divine Guidance

Harpreet’s expertise extends to Tarot readings and guidance as well as angel therapy, combining intuition, compassion, and practical guidance to strengthen individuals’ spiritual journeys. By helping clients connect with their core wisdom, she assists them in navigating life’s challenges with grace and ease.

A Quest for Self-Discovery and Transformation

Harpreet’s offerings aim at triggering personal growth and transformation. Diviinegrace extends its transformative reach beyond individual well-being.

Through numerology, vastu consultancy and pendulum dowsing,  she provides clients with powerful tools for clearing blocks in their home and office space. Her unique approach in numerology helps her clients align their numbers in a way to overcome obstacles, gain clarity,  attract opportunities, and unlock their full potential.

Recognition and Client Testimonials

Harpreet’s expertise in her craft has got its due attention. She was honoured as a Spiritual Coach and Healer by She Connect, further solidifying her reputation as a prominent name in the field. In addition, she received the 29th JAI Global Award for Excellence as a Spiritual Coach in Delhi and also the prestigious accolade in the ‘National Summit on Holistic Sciences and Wellness.’

Testimonials across the globe, such as Leena Hake from Germany and Esmeet from New Zealand, attest to the transformative impact of Harpreet’s holistic healing among patients suffering from many physical ailments. Both national and international clients rely on her therapies. Furthermore, Harpreet’s mindful and transformative healing processes has benefitted eminent individuals, like Vibha Chugh from the NGO called Sakha ek Pehel, to recover as well.

In a world where the quest for meaning and fulfilment has become paramount, Harpreet B. Sharma and her organisation Diviinegrace stand out as a guiding light, leading souls towards wellness, balance, and spiritual enlightenment.

To book an appointment with the holistic healer or contact her:

Email address: [email protected] 

Contact no.: +91 98915 45874 


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