Apna Bhada Officially Launched their Car Advertising Platform

Apna Bhada Officially Launched their Car Advertising Platform

Apna Bhada, finally launched their car advertising platform on their Taxis.  Across all their Taxi’s in Goa, Delhi and Bangalore.

According to Company’s CEO Murtaza Ali, this platform can be the cheapest advertising platform ever in the market, where any Small Trader to Small Scale Business Houses or any Corporate can Run their advertising on a very low cost and get the maximum mileage.  As this comes into outdoor media category so all Taxis moving on the Roads Across the city, it is obvious that it can be eye catcher for maximum number of people.

According to Murtaza Ali this is not a Normal Outdoor Media rather there are some extraordinary Features added into it, so it can be more and more eye catching and can grab attentions of maximum number of Audience on the roads. Mr. Murtza Ali has explained that there are Electronic Fibber sheet laminated Stickers on the doors of the Taxi’s which has been placed both side of the Doors and these taxis can be operated through GPS system from the Apna Bhada Contol Office. The Advantages of this platform are that advertisers can pay for advertising on their choice according to their budget.

The Advertisements would be electronically controlled by the Apna Bhada control office and it can be change on per kilometre basis.

The idea behind that is, to give the advertisers an affordable Platform where advertisers can pay for the advertising charges as per kilometres basis. Therefore, Advertisers are getting vast options for the pricing and costing which can be affordable for any brand. At the same time Apna Bhada has come up with some unique concepts where corporates or other brands who have good budget of advertising, they can also associate with Apna Bhada and take inside Branding as well as outside panel advertising too.

This concept is very unique in itself and this concept has been invented by Murtaza Ali, In India this is the first such concept in the advertising industry.

As advertising costing getting higher day by day this is not possible for every business to promote their brands in the market.

As traditional media platforms getting costly day by day at the same time this is going to be tough to get the attentions of the audience after studying these issues Murtaza Ali done a very long Research on this issue and invented this concept.

Company has opened their platform for all brands and business and Company invites all Brands to Check the Trial Services.

Apna Bhada Helpline +919654255544

Email – [email protected]

Website – https://apnabhada.in/


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