An Innovation of a visually impaired man that can change the concept of Road Transportation

An Innovation of a visually impaired man that can change the concept of Road Transportation
Murtuza Ali Hamid (Inventor of Fuel Burn Radiation Technology)

“A Kota (Rajasthan) Based Indian man, Murtuza Ali Hamid, Invented a technology called “Fuel Burn Radiation Technology” and he is going to present a demonstration for the general public on January 16, 2023, New Delhi.”

Murtaza Ali Hamid was born without sight but have innovated brain. Murtaza Ali Hamid, 46 years old Kota (Rajasthan) visually impaired man is 95 per cent blind since birth, claimed that he has invented a technology that can be a game changer for the road transportation system. Murtuza Ali Hamid, he is working on this technology since 2010. During his research and work, he faced many challenges but not stopped working on this technology and continued working on it.

Murtaza did his graduation from Kota in commerce stream, worked as a research scientist in Mumbai.  A fire mishap at a petrol pump in Jaipur in 2010 inspired him to do research on fuel burn radiation. Murtaza Ali Hamid’s family is into automobiles and lubricants business. Since the age of 14 years he is also involve in his family automobile business. 

Murtuza Ali Hamid said by using this technology any vehicle moving on the road can be tracked without a GPS, camera, or any Instrument.

Murtuza Ali Hamid explained how this technology can be beneficial for the common public. By using this technology people can save money and time.

According to Murtuza Ali Hamid, when fuel is burned in a cylinder to produce a controlled explosion, a piston is pushed down and a crankshaft is rotated. The rotational energy generated by this motion can be used to power a vehicle.

The use of internal combustion engines in cars has many advantages, including:

High power-to-weight ratio: internal combustion engines are suitable for use in cars because they are relatively light and small and can also produce a lot of power.

Ease of use: Compared to certain other propulsion systems, internal combustion engines are relatively easy to operate and maintain.

Wide availability: Fuel for internal combustion engines, such as gasoline, diesel, and others, are available all over the world, making it easy to refuel vehicles with this technology.

Elaborating on the technology, he added, “Any type of interference with the fuel, like the one used in the blast, can be detected once it is connected to the fuse. The vehicle’s route could’ve been known, and where it was taken from. The radiation would have given us that information.”

However, according to Murtuza Ali Hamid, internal combustion engines have significant drawbacks, such as greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, which can harm both the environment and human health. The use of electric vehicles, which emit no emissions and can be powered by renewable energy sources, is also being increasingly promoted.

Murtuza Ali Hamid said, he has also led a patent application for the prototype (“Fuel Burn Radiation Technology”) and expects to receive the patent very soon.


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