5 Must-Have Smart Kitchen Appliances to Buy Online


With each passing month, we seem to acquire a better idea of what it’s like to be a Jetson. Technology continues to advance, making this vision of the future a reality and much more fascinating! As a result, even the most basic items we use on a daily basis have evolved significantly.

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant weren’t prevalent in homes just a few years ago, but now apps and voice assistants can manage everything from your lightbulbs to your refrigerator.

Here are some of the best smart kitchen equipment and technologies you can have in your kitchen if you wish life was more like Disney’s Smart House come true-just without all the terrifying failures and problems. Cooking has never been more accessible or linked.

Our Team at www.kitchenbrandstore.com would like to recommend you the 5 mist-have smart appliances that you need to own for your homes.

1. Hindware Optimus-Ipro 60 Maxx Silence Technology 1350 M3/Hr

With it’s low noise level and incredible suction capacity, Hindware Optimus-Ipro 60 Maxx Silence Technology 1350 M3/Hr takes care of all the odours, fumes, heat, and steam while maintaining the aesthetics of your interior. With it’s motion sensor technology, you can operate the chimney with just wave of your hands. Also,  you can operate this chimney remotely from anywhere from Hindware App. This compact filter-less chimney has maximum air flow for maintaining a smoke-free and clean kitchen. It’s highly efficient Thermal Autoclean technology cleans all the oil inside the chimney housing and maintains optimum performance.

2. Siemens Induction Hob 60 Cm EX675LYC1E

This product has some very interesting features which makes it a good buy as a smart appliance. The Frying Sensor maintains the desired pan temperature automatically after heating up to avoid scorching.The dual light Slider lets you easily and intuitively operate the cooktop. The power Move Plus enables intuitive control thanks to three heating zones with different temperatures – activated by touch. The flex Induction Plus adapts the cooking zones to different cookware and pots up to 30 cm diameter – for more flexibility.

3. Siemens Freestanding French Door Fridge With Bottom Freezer, Black


This is a premium refrigerator with hyperFresh premium 0°C to keep food fresh up to 3 times longer and Design LED light for a brilliant illumination of the fridge’s interior. The “no frost” feature prevents ice from forming, thus, saving you time and effort from defrosting. It gives you more storage space for your groceries. The superCooling button reduces the temperature for a set time, to quickly cool down fresh food items.Control all functions easily and precisely with just a soft touch, using touchControl electronics. One of the most hottest selling smart appliances in modern Indian household today.

4. Bosch Free-Standing Dishwasher Series 6 | 60 Cm| White Model: SMS6ZCW42E

This appliance listens to you. Thanks To Partnering With Amazon Alexa, Your Dishwasher Can Be Controlled By Voice As Well. The PerfectDry Dishwashers Ensure Perfect Drying Results That Are Achieved By The Patented Zeolith® Technology. This Saves Up To 20% Less Energy than  the Drying System Of A Conventional Dishwasher. With PerfectDry Dishwashers Based On Zeolith Technology You Can Now Rely On Cupboard Ready Dishes Even On Plastic Dishes With Less Energy Usage.

5. Bosch Built In Oven Series | 8 60 X 60 Cm Black HBG6764B6B

This smart appliance by Bosch has built In Oven With 13 Heating Methods. The Cavity Volume is 71 L. It has additional features like – Serie8 / TFT Touch Display Control / Oven Door With Drop Down Door, Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Function, Electronic Clock With LED Display. The HomeConnect Ready On WLAN makes it a high-end oven to own as a smart appliance. It has an Oven Door With Drop Down Door, Soft Closing, Soft Opening. All these features are hardly available together in any conventional oven which makes this product as uniquely available in the market.

6. Racold OMNIS WI-FI Electric Storage Water Heater/Geyser 25l

A revolutionary smart appliance like this is a proof of today’s dynamic technological development. This smart electric water geyser range to let you plan your hot showers. The Omnis Wifi lets you personalize your baths, control your electric water geyser as it saves energy with a combination of hi-fi technological features like Smart Bath Logic, Wi-Fi Connect, Auto Diagnosis and Eco Function. Not only this, there is an app through which you can remotely control your Omnis Wi-Fi, set temperature, schedule your baths and much more. So take control of your hot showers and be reborn every day.


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